GCC wins Best Tas Metropolitan Council BETTY Award


In April, the National Asbestos Awareness Campaign announced 20 winners in the annual Betty Awards that recognise the commitment of individuals, corporate and government leaders for outstanding contributions in increasing awareness of the dangers of asbestos during the National Asbestos Awareness Campaign (November) 2017.

The national campaign is the initiative of the Asbestos Education Committee in partnership with the Asbestos Diseases Research Institute and the Heads of Asbestos Coordination Authorities to engage with councils, governments, stakeholders and media to increase community awareness of the dangers of asbestos in every corner of Australia.

With asbestos remaining in one third of Aussie homes built or renovated prior to 1987 and in commercial properties built or refurbished prior to December 2003; the campaign increases national awareness and provides vital information to help prevent avoidable exposure to asbestos fibres during maintenance, refurbishment or demolition of properties.

The ongoing success and growth of the National Asbestos Awareness Campaign in extending the reach of the potentially life-saving message to every Australian community is largely due to the invaluable contributions of many stakeholders who undertake extensive awareness activities at grassroots level throughout the month of November.

It is through the conscientious commitment of many who actively participate in the national campaign that ensures communities across Australia are informed and provided with free access to resources featured at www.asbestosawareness.com.au including; the Healthy House Checklist, user-friendly Fact Sheets for homeowners, guidelines for builders and developers, checklists relevant to more than 27 Trades and the online database to aid in identifying asbestos-containing materials to ensure they are managed safely.

Since launching in 2012, the annual campaign has consistently grown to increase awareness and community engagement Australia-wide. In 2017, the campaign was once again a record-breaking year delivering an increase in overall participation with more than 750 registrations (up by more than 26%) including businesses, associations, individuals and councils - all supporting the campaign through undertaking extensive and innovative community education and awareness activities.

Councils Australia-wide also continued their support with all 537 councils participating and utilising the broad-range of freely available campaign resources to engage with workers and communities to deliver vital information and education activities on asbestos awareness and safe asbestos practices. Various state governments and MPs nationally, also increased their participation committing to providing their communities with direct access to the free Asbestos Awareness online resources through website links, social media and media channels.

The annual Betty Awards, (named after ‘Betty – The ADRI House) recognises the outstanding contributions of individuals, businesses and governments in being proactively involved in informing their communities about the dangers of asbestos and directing them to resources that can assist them to manage it safely.

Best TAS Metropolitan Council: Glenorchy City Council

Winner: Glenorchy City Council undertook an internal and external campaign for the Asbestos Awareness Campaign which included conducting internal training for 70 staff, hosting and actively promoting Betty’s visit through traditional and digital media across owned and earnt platforms with every household in the LGA receiving Asbestos Awareness information via the distribution of a material.

You can read the full list of award recipients here.