Current Community Engagement Opportunities

 We value the input of our community and are open to ideas and suggestions on several projects. You will find opportunities to comment on various current projects/events etc on this page.

Seniors’ Social Participation for Glenorchy Project 2018 

We would like to maximise older people’s engagement of services and activities in Glenorchy local government area as this is vital to the well being of older people and the wider community. To do that, we need to have a clear picture of the availability of different services, programmes or activities, their capacities and the degree of participation. 

Therefore, the Glenorchy City Council Community Development Team would like to collect information, advice and suggestions from organisations and groups who provide services to older people, as well as the users (older people) in the community. We aim to give out surveys, conduct interviews and consultations with stakeholders involved as extensively as possible.

The data and information collected will be shared among all parties involved. The findings will help identify gaps and service overlap, as well as build up a network for coordination and collaboration among organisations or groups in Glenorchy. The information collected will also be used to update the Positive Ageing Handbook that is provided to seniors in Glenorchy.

In the process, we also hope to identify potential community leaders (regardless of age ) who are committed to supporting older people’s active social engagement in life.

Our role is to support and help promote services and activities, as well as maximise accessibility and participation of older people towards the goal of active ageing.

Please use this survey if you are an individual.

Please use this survey if you are an organisation or group (which provides services, programs, activities or events to older adults).