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Welcome to Animal Management
Glenorchy City Council recognises the importance of pets in modern society and the many physical and mental benefits derived from companion animal ownership. Benefits ranging from developing empathy, care and social responsibility in the young to providing companionship, security and improving overall health to many others.


Everyone comes into contact with pets regardless of whether they own one or not, and the downside of pets is that sometimes they can cause problems. Issues of noise and other nuisance behaviours, aggression and the problems of stray and unwanted animals are a continuing facet of urban animal management. Glenorchy aims to ensuring a caring and safe environment, where any conflict caused by animals within the community is minimised, and the rights of animal owners and non-animal owners is respected equally.


Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership through our specifically designed program is complementing our aims and beliefs that pets are a significant and important component of our community.


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