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Assessment of Applications & Attendance at Interview
Shortly after the closing date, the applications will be forwarded to the Selection Committee for short listing. To shortlist applicants for interview, the Selection Committee must be satisfied that the applicants meet all of the essential selection criteria. Not all applicants who appear to meet the selection criteria will be selected for interview, given that for many positions there may be a large number of applicants. The Selection Committee will therefore select for interview those applicants who appear to meet the criteria at the highest level. Applicants who clearly do not meet the selection criteria will be advised at this stage of the selection process that their application has been unsuccessful.


Attending the InterviewThe interviews are conducted by a Selection Committee consisting of at least three people and include both men and women in its membership. If you are short listed for an interview, you will be advised of the date, time and venue by telephone or by e-mail. Please note that for some positions, interviews may be conducted by teleconference in the first instance depending on the availability of the applicant.


If at this stage you do not feel confident that you understand the requirements of the position and the area of Glenorchy Council in which the job is located, it is highly recommended you acquire this information prior to the interview. (Sources of information are annual reports, corporate plans and policy statements that are available on the Glenorchy Council website).


The interview will follow a set format with each member of the panel asking questions designed to gain more information from you that relates and is relevant to the selection criteria and position description.


You should use the interview as an opportunity to reinforce the relevance of your claims to the position and ask the panel relevant questions relating to the position, the organisation and future career development opportunities.


It is acceptable to ask the panel to clarify, repeat or rephrase questions you do not understand. Check with the panel that you have addressed their questions appropriately and thoroughly.


You may wish to prepare yourself for the interview by summarising why you feel your skills and experience are suited to the position.


Following the interview process, the Selection Committee will rank the applicants in relation to the selection criteria and will agree upon a preferred candidate. The Selection Committee may then agree to seek referee reports, if these have not previously been sought, prior to the decision to make an offer of appointment to the preferred candidate.


We hope the information provided will assist you with your application.


Referee Report Checks
The purpose of referee checks is to obtain, in confidence, factual information about your past work history, as well as opinions regarding the quality of your work and suitability for the position. Referee reports may be sought verbally or in writing. Referees usually include current supervisors and/or managers and can include supervisors/managers from voluntary or unpaid work. A referee must be able to comment on your work experience and skills specifically relating to the selection criteria.


Pre Employment Health Assessment
A pre-employment health assessment is required for short listed applicants as part of the interview procedure.  If you are short listed an officer of the Council will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the pre-employment health assessment.


Job OfferIf you are the preferred candidate, you will receive a written offer of appointment to the position.


If you have any queries in relation to the selection process, please do not hesitate to contact Human Resources or the relevant Department at any time.