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Audit Panel of Glenorchy City Council 

Consistent with Glenorchy City Council’s governance framework and with section 85 of the Local Government Act 1993 (Act), the Council has established  an Audit Panel as a Statutory Committee of Council. The Act (Part 8, Division 4 – Audit Panels) regulates the administration, functions and responsibilities of the Audit Panel.

The Audit Panel Charter (Adopted June 2016)



The Charter of the Audit Panel of Glenorchy City Council is made under sections 85, 85A and 85B of the Act and the Local Government (Audit Panels) Order 2014 detailing:

  • the manner in which the Audit Panel is to perform its functions; and
  • the procedure of the Audit Panel in respect of its meetings.


An audit panel established under section 85 of the Act is to review the Council's performance in relation to:

  • the Council's financial system, financial governance arrangements and financial management;
  • all plans of the Council under Part 7;
  • all policies, systems and controls the Council has in place to safeguard its long-term financial position; and
  • any other matters specified in an order under section 85B of the Act as matters that an audit panel is to consider in such a review.


Agenda and Minutes

As provided under the Local Government (Meeting Procedures) Regulations 2015, meetings of the Audit Panel are closed to the public and thus agendas and minutes are not made public.




The Council is responsible for the appointment of the Panel members  which consists of 2 Aldermen and 3 independent members. Commissioner Smith will act in the place of the suspended Aldermanic members in the interim.


The independent members are:

Mr Robert Hogan (Chairperson)

Mr David Sales

Mr Michael Stevens