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Building Act 2000

Index of Approved Forms

No. Title Section Issued by Issued to Copy to Amended
2 Application for Building Permit 70(1) O or A PA 18 June 2004
3 Application for a Plumbing Permit 80(1) O or A PA 18 June 2004
3A Application for a Special Plumbing Permit 80(1) O or A PA 18 June 2004
4 Application for an Occupancy Permit 95(1) O or A BS or ABS
5 Application for a Temporary Occupancy Permit 107 O or A GM
6 Building and Protection Work Notice 121(2) O AO, BS or ABS
7 Application for Permit to Proceed 178(2) O PA
8 Application for Certificate of Substantial Compliance 183(2) O BS or ABS
9 Application for a Permit of Substantial Compliance 186(2) O PA
10 Referral to Function Control Authority 64(1) BS or ABS FCA
11 Certificate of Likely Compliance 67(4) BS or ABS O or A 28 June 2007
12 Certificate of Final Inspection 92(1) BS or ABS O or A PA & B
13 Occupancy Permit 100(2) BS or ABS O or A PA & B
14 Building Notice 163(4) BS or ABS O or A
15 Building Order (Building Surveyor) 170(6) BS or ABS O or PAIC PA
16 Certificate to Proceed 176(3) BS or ABS O
17 Certificate of Substantial Compliance 184(4) BS or ABS O
18 Building Permit 72(3) PA O or A BS or ABS
19 Plumbing Permit 82(3) PA O or A
19A Special Plumbing Permit 82(3) PA O or A
20 Certificate of Completion (Building Work) 112(4) PA O or A
21 Certificate of Completion (Plumbing work) 113(5) PA O or A
22 Plumbing Notice (Permit Authority) 164(4) PA O or PCOPW
23 Plumbing Order (Permit Authority) 172(4) PA O or PAIC
24 Permit to Proceed 180(3) PA O BS or ABS
25 Permit of Substantial Compliance 188(3) PA O BS or ABS
26 Temporary Occupancy Permit 108(2) GM O or A PA
27 Emergency Order 162(3) GM O or Occ. PA
28 Building Notice (General Manager) 163(4) GM O
29 Plumbing Notice (General Manager) 164(4) GM O
30 Building Order (General Manager) 170(6), 171, 173 GM O or PAIC 23 December 2004
31 Plumbing Order (General Manager) 172(4) GM O or PAIC
32 Demolition Order 191(5) C O
33 Certificate of Plumbing Compliance 113(6) PI PA
34 Owner Builder Declaration (Statement) 24(1) OB PA 1 July 2007
35 Infringement Notice - Building Act 2000 244(1) GM Person Approved Form Deleted 28 April 2008
36 Registers 278(2) PA Kept by PA
37 Appeals to Appeal Board* 219(1) Various AB
38 Application to Appeal Board* 219(1) Various AB

These forms are referenced in the Building Act 2000, and are provided for use in the administration of the Act. The forms are limited to the matters, things or actions that are required to be undertaken under the Act.

Care should be exercised in completing the forms. The Act, and in particular the Section referred to, should be read before use. This will provide a check to ensure that the form being used is understood by the user, and that all relevant information is included.


The top of each form is left blank, so that users will be able to simply photocopy them onto their own letterhead. This will also allow users space to include any record keeping information required. Alternatively the forms can be processed into a computer system.


* Building Appeal Board Forms will be made available by request to the Registrar of the Building Appeal Board.

A Agent
AB Appeal Board
ABS Assistant Building Surveyor
AO Adjoining Owner
B Builder
BS Building Surveyor
C Council
FCA Function Control Authority
GM General Manager
O Owner
Occ. Occupier
OB Owner builder
PA Permit Authority
PAIC Person apparently in charge
PCOPW Person carrying out plumbing work
Pl Plumber