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 ***Please Be Advised***

New Building Act 2016
The Tasmanian State Government is preparing new building & plumbing legislation which is (currently) scheduled to be introduced on the 1 January 2017.

As a result, the information contained on this website may become out-of-date as the new legislation commences.

GCC will endeavour to update this information as the new laws and requirements become clear.
For further information on the progress of these legislative changes, please visit the Department of Justice website via the following link;


Building Permits & Approvals

Tasmanian legislation dictates that certain types of building work cannot be undertaken without a building permit. Whether you are building or altering a house, shed, deck etc... It is important to determine whether any such approvals are required.

Before you consider undertaking any building work, it is recommended that you check with Glenorchy City Council’s Building & Plumbing Section whether a building/plumbing permit is required.

Should it be determined that approval is required for your building proposal, Council’s Building Officers are available and willing to step you through this process and assist you in gaining a clearer understanding of what may be involved.

Alternatively, the links below may provide further information.

Lodging an application (Hard Copy)

Building & plumbing applications submitted to Council in paper format must contain the sufficient number of copies of the documents listed below:

  • Full Copy of Title with Schedule of Easements
  • Building Permit Application Form, or Application for Permit of Substantial Compliance Form, or Application for Permit to Proceed Form Completed and Signed
  • Plumbing Permit Application Form Completed and Signed
  • Special Plumbing Permit Application Form Completed and Signed
  • Copies of “Certificate of Likely Compliance” (Provided by Private Building Surveyor)
  • Copies of “Certified Plans” (Provided by Private Building Surveyor)
  • Calculations supporting Councils Stormwater Detention Policy
  • Certificate of Certifiable Work, or TAS Water Exemption Certificate (Contact TAS Water – 169 Main Road, Moonah – Phone: 13 6992 – or Log onto TAS Waters website –
  • Evidence of Contract Price or an Estimate Value of Works signed by a Building Surveyor of the Cost of the Building Work
  • Hydraulic Design in Accordance with the Directors Specified List & Supporting Form 35B
  • Certificate of the Responsible Designer (Building Work) – Form 35A 

If you are lodging applications for both Building and Plumbing permits together; the relevant sets of plans can be used for both applications (You do not need (3x) sets of plans for each application, i.e. (6x) sets total).

Once building & plumbing permits are approved, documentation is returned as follows;

  • Set of plans is returned to the original applicant/agent
  • Set of plans is forwarded to the building surveyor
  • Set of plans in retained by Council

Should you have any questions relating to the lodgement of a Building or Plumbing Application, please contact Councils Building & Plumbing Section. 

Lodging an application (Electronically)

Building & Plumbing Applications lodged with Glenorchy City Council may now be submitted in an electronic format. Please follow the directions below in preparing and submitting your application.

  • Applications must be submitted on either a CD, DVD or via Email to: ( (USB submissions will not be accepted). 
  • All documentation (as applicable) required on the following checklist must be included in the submission (please contact Councils Building Officers for clarification surrounding these items if required). See checklist here.
  • Please ensure that you use the correct application forms relevant to your building and plumbing applications (e.g. Application for Building Permit or Notice of Work - Plumbing)
    Forms are available from the "forms" page.
  • All documentation provided must be in PDF format
  • All documentation should be clearly identified/ named
  • CD & DVD’s submitted must be clearly labelled with the address of the building work and the name of the agent/contact person for the work.

Please note:

  • Please do not include links to websites, or include jpeg, tif formats, etc
  • Incorrect applications will not be accepted
  • Applications which cannot be submitted in the above format may incur additional processing fees or be rejected.



Application Fees


  • Building & plumbing application fees will be calculated after successful submission of your application.
  • Invoices will then proceed to be forwarded to the respective contact person/s.
  • After payment has been confirmed, your applications will progress to the relevant parties for permit assessments.

For further information on building & plumbing fees, please contact Councils Building & Plumbing Section on 62 166 800.

Building Exemptions

Not all building works will require approval. Tasmanian legislation stipulates that certain types of building work are exempt from requiring a building permit.

It is important that before you consider undertaking any building work that you check with Glenorchy City Council’s Building Section as to whether your building work may be exempt.

Minor Alterations & Minor Repairs

Tasmanian legislation allows for certain types of building work which are of a minor or minimal nature to be classified as “Minor Alterations and Minor Repairs”. These types of work may still be subject to certain requirements but not necessarily require a building permit.

Please speak with one of Councils Building Officers should you wish to obtain further advice on this type of approval.

Owner Buiders

 Tasmanian building legislation provides the owner/s of properties the option to carry out certain types of building work normally conducted by an accredited building practitioner. This option provides owners with the ability to manage and control in greater ways, the carrying out of the building work on their property.

Owners proposing to carry out work on residential class 1 type structures as owner builders need to be aware that there are several requirements and considerations which need to be made before being granted registration by Building Standards and Occupational Licencing.

Should you wish to know more about becoming an owner-builder, you are encouraged to contact either an accredited building surveyor or Building Standards and Occupational Licensing using the details below; 

Building Standards and Occupational Licensing

Phone: 1300 366 322 (within Tasmania)
Phone: (03) 6166 4600 (outside Tasmania)

Fax: (03) 6233 8767


Postal address: Building Standards and Occupational Licensing, PO Box 56