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Community Engagement Framework

This Community Engagement Policy provides direction for how Glenorchy City Council will engage with the community and stakeholders when making decision, delivering services or representing the community. The Policy applies to all Council Aldermen, employees and external consultants who undertake or are expected to undertake community engagement projects or activities as part of their responsibilities. The Policy outlines the ten (10) policy statements and eight (8) guiding principles that govern community engagement in the City of Glenorchy.

Community Engagement Policy

This Community Engagement Procedure has been developed to guide Council staff and consultants in the design, implementation and evaluation of community engagement plans to the required standard.  By following the eleven steps outlined in the Procedure, Council staff and consultants should be able to manage the community engagement requirements of their specific projects.

Community Engagement Procedure

This Community Engagement Toolkit has been developed as a resource to assist Council staff and consultants in the delivery of community engagement activities. It is intended to be used as a complement to Council’s Community Engagement Procedure. Fifty (50) community engagement methods are described with information provided on situations under which they might be used, potential advantages and disadvantages, and tips on things to consider for their effective use.

Community Engagement Toolkit

The Public Participation Manual outlines some opportunities in Glenorchy for you to get involved, have your say and make a difference.

Public Participation Manual


Glenorchy Matters Community Panel

Glenorchy City Council operates a Community Panel and you are invited to become a member.

The Glenorchy Matters Community Panel currently has about 450 residents from all sections of the community who volunteer to provide feedback, opinions and ideas on specific issues.


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Have Your Say

Council welcomes your feedback on how well it is delivering services and how effectively it is addressing short and long-term issues in our area. We value your opinion and suggestions to help us improve. Please fill out our online feedback form here to tell us what you think about our services.