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Council Plans and Documents

2009-2010 GCC Annual Report
2010-2011 GCC Annual Report
2011-2012 GCC Annual Report
2012-2013 GCC Annual Report.
2013-2014 GCC Annual Report
2014-15 - 2016-17 Annual Plan
Access Action Plan 2006
Annual Plan 2016-17 to 2019-20
Asset Management Strategy for Infrastructure Assets 2014 15 - 2017 18
Budget Document Current Prior Year Final 01082016
CC Multicultural Community Spaces Plan
City of Glenorchy Community Plan 2015 – 2040
Community Engagement Strategy
Community Plan 2009-2029
Community Plan 2009-2029 Appendices
Emergency Management Plan
GCC Annual Report 2014-2015
GCC Multicultural Community Spaces Plan Appendices-Attachments
Glenorchy Annual Plan 2012-2013
Glenorchy Annual Plan 2013-14 to 2015-16
Glenorchy Children and Families Strategy 2012-2017
Glenorchy City Council Climate Change Adaptation Plan
Glenorchy City Council Public Strategy
Glenorchy City Council Strategic Plan 2013-18
Glenorchy Learn Strategy
Glenorchy Parking Strategy
Glenorchy Planning Scheme
Glenorchy Recreation Plan 2014-2023
KGV Master Plan (8mb)
Land Use Planning Strategy 2010
List of Planning Scheme Amendments
Main Road Corridor Master Plan Working Group Report December 2006
Planning Scheme - State Amendments
Positive Ageing Strategy
Public Interest Disclosure Procedures
Safe and Sound - building a strong and safe community (2012-2015)
Social Plan 2003
Strategic Plan 2011-2016
Strategic Plan 2016-2025 Final with adoption date