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Council Plans and Documents

2009-2010 GCC Annual Report
2010-2011 GCC Annual Report
2011-2012 GCC Annual Report
2012-2013 GCC Annual Report.
2013-2014 GCC Annual Report
2014-15 - 2016-17 Annual Plan
Access Action Plan 2006
Annual Plan 2016-17 to 2019-20
Asset Management Strategy for Infrastructure Assets 2014 15 - 2017 18
Budget Document Current Prior Year Final 01082016
CC Multicultural Community Spaces Plan
City of Glenorchy Community Plan 2015 – 2040
Community Engagement Strategy
Community Plan 2009-2029
Community Plan 2009-2029 Appendices
GCC Annual Report 2014-2015
GCC Multicultural Community Spaces Plan Appendices-Attachments
Glenorchy Annual Plan 2012-2013
Glenorchy Annual Plan 2013-14 to 2015-16
Glenorchy Children and Families Strategy 2012-2017
Glenorchy City Council Climate Change Adaptation Plan
Glenorchy City Council Public Strategy
Glenorchy City Council Strategic Plan 2013-18
Glenorchy Learn Strategy
Glenorchy Parking Strategy
Glenorchy Planning Scheme
Glenorchy Recreation Plan 2014-2023
KGV Master Plan (8mb)
Land Use Planning Strategy 2010
List of Planning Scheme Amendments
Main Road Corridor Master Plan Working Group Report December 2006
Municipal Emergency Management Plan
Planning Scheme - State Amendments
Positive Ageing Strategy
Public Interest Disclosure Procedures
Safe and Sound - building a strong and safe community (2012-2015)
Social Plan 2003
Strategic Plan 2011-2016
Strategic Plan 2016-2025 Final with adoption date