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Council Policies


Council policies are defined as a statement of the Council’s intent, commitment or position to achieve an objective, which provides a decision-making framework for day-to-day applications. In
essence, describes what Council considers to be appropriate on a particular issue.
Council policies are generally formal statements that outline governing principles and intentions that underpin Council practices. These governing principles are derived from and shaped by:

  • the law and regulations that govern the Council
  • national (and where applicable) international standards
  • community expectations, and
  • the values and objectives as articulated in the Council’s strategic documents.


Council policies have the role of:

  • ensuring compliance with statutory responsibilities
  • setting Council standards, and
  • improving the management of risk.


Council policies are intended to be longer term in application and where practicable will have a four year tenure before Council review. Notwithstanding, Council policies remain in effect until otherwise replaced.
In accordance with section 28(2)(b) of the Local Government Act 1993, all Council policies must be approved by Council.
Please find Council current policies by directorate below.


Corporate Governance & General Counsel

Access Policy (Adopted December 2016)
Advertising Devices on Council Property (Adopted March 2017)
Aldermanic Code of Conduct Policy (Adopted July 2016)
Aldermen's Information Communication Technology Usage Policy (Adopted September 2013)
Audio Recording of Meetings of Council Policy (Adopted October 2015)
Charges for copies of Minutes, Agendas, Reports and By-Laws (Adopted August 2016)
Code for Tenders and Contracts (Adopted July 2017)
Committees Policy (Adopted November 2016)
Committees Procedure (Adopted November 2016)
Community Engagement Policy (Adopted May 2017)
Contribution to Boundary Fences (Adopted March 2017)
Corporate Gifts Policy (Adopted August 2016)
Council Policy and Procedure Framework (Adopted January 2016)
Cultural Development Policy (Adopted December 2016)
Dog Management Policy 2017 (Adopted February 2017)
Fire Hazard Abatement Notices (Adopted September 2016)
Flag Policy (Adopted August 2016)
GCC Good Governance Framework (Adopted 23 January 2017)
Grievance Policy (Adopted October 2015)
Helicopter and Other Aircraft Operations on Council Property (Adopted February 2017)
Human Resources Policy (Adopted March 2017)
Information Management Policy (Adopted August 2017)
Meeting Procedures (Adopted April 2017)
Nominations and Appointments to Committees and Other Bodies (Adopted September 2016)
PID Model Procedures Manual (Adopted August 2016)
Public Art Policy (Adopted December 2016)
Public Interest Disclosures Model Procedures Manual (Adopted October 2017)
Risk Management Policy (Adopted October 2017)
Short Term Parking Permits for Persons With a Disability (Adopted December 2016)
Sponsorship (Adopted March 2017)
Sports Ground Lighting (Adopted March 2017)
Support and Reimbursement of Expenses to Aldermen (Adopted August 2016)
Telecommunications Infrastructure on Council Property (Adopted March 2017)
The Audit Panel Charter (Adopted June 2016)
Use of Animals for Entertainment on Council Property (Adopted December 2016)
Use of Jumping Castles and Other Similar Devices on Council Property (Adopted March 2017)


City Services & Infrastructure

Asset Management (Adopted June 2017)
Building Over or in Close Proximity to Council Stormwater Systems (Adopted December 2016)
Bushfire Mitigation (Adopted June 2017)
Distribution of Building Plans Policy (Adopted July 2016)
Environmental Health Services Pro-Rata and Refund (Adopted June 2017)
Event Management Policy (Adopted February 2016)
Footpaths Policy (Adopted November 2016)
Graffiti Management Policy (Adopted June 2016)
Notification to Purchasers: Contaminated Land in Lutana (Adopted November 2016)
Planning Appeals and Enforcement Policy (Adopted April 2016)
Public Open Space Reserve and Expenditure Policy (Adopted December 2016)
Roadside Directional Signs Policy (Adopted March 2016)
Stormwater Property Connections Policy (Adopted May 2017)
Stormwater Runoff Management Policy (Adopted June 2016)
Street Lighting Policy (Adopted March 2016)
Subdivisions Public Open Space Acquisitions and Contributions (Adopted June 2017)
Traffic Management Plans Policy (Adopted March 2016)
Tree Management Policy (Adopted June 2016)
Waste Services Policy (Adopted December 2016)



Please note that:

  • Other Council policies are currently being updated and once adopted by Council will be made public on this website.
  • Other functions of Council have specific requirements with respect to policies under other legislation(e.g., Child Care under the Education and Care Services National Regulations, Dog Policy under the Dog Control Act 2000).
  • Child Care Connection policies may be found under ‘Childcare Documents’  (Home >> Community >> Children & Families >> Childcare Documents).
  • Similarly, Council’s Dog Management Policy may be found under ‘Dogs’ (Home >> Services >> Animal Management >> Dogs).
  • Any questions about this page and Council Policies, please contact Mr Simon Scott, Manager Governance & Risk through Customer Service on (03) 6216 6800 or