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Council Services

We want to create an age-friendly community that provides opportunities for people to be included, feel safe, have a healthy lifestyle, and take part in activities that help them to be active and positive as they age.

  • Positive or active ageing is about:
  • Connecting with others in your community
  • Being as physically active as you can be
  • Being as mentally active as you can
  • Having access to services and facilities
  • Being part of community events and activities
  • Contributing to others or the community
  • Having a positive outlook on life

How we do this?

We have a Positive Ageing Strategy that outlines what we will do to encourage positive ageing in our community : click here


We offer a  "driver to collect" service for people who are not able to place their wheelie bins at the kerbside.  You will need a Doctor's Certificate to access this service. You will not be charged extra for this service. 


We produce the Glenorchy Handbook of Positive Ageing. This contains a large range of activities for older people to participate in, keep active, enjoy, and connect with others in the Glenorchy community. The activities are age-friendly, accessible, and free or low-cost.


We link people who want to volunteer with volunteering opportunities through our Volunteer Centre. . 

How do you find out more?

Contact the Positive Ageing and Access Officer on 62163800 or email customer service.