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Who is Responsible for Driveway Maintenance?ALL maintenance of vehicle crossovers and aprons is the responsibility of the property owner (See Section 35 of the Local Government (Highways) Act 1982).


This includes the section of driveway between the property boundary and the roadway, including the footpath and gutter. However when Council reconstructs footpaths in a street it may also reconstruct driveways to the property boundary at the same time.


Council will only take responsibility for driveway repairs where it has recently done works that have affected the effectiveness of the vehicle crossover.


If Council is notified of a damaged driveway or apron and deem it to be a hazard, then Council must serve a notice for the owner to carry out repairs within a specified time frame.

Where Can Driveways be Located?Council permits one standard vehicular access to a property from each road frontage.
A second vehicular access may be permitted (at Council's discretion) where the current access is either unsafe or inadequate.


Driveways must be located so that adequate sight distance in relation to the speed of through traffic is available.


Driveways must be located a minimum of 9 metres from the tangent point of a street intersection.

Apply to Council for a Permit Prior to Driveway Construction or AlterationBefore carrying out alterations to or constructing a driveway, in the Council road reserve, property owners must first obtain a Road Opening Permit from Council. The Road Opening Application form is available below. All driveways must adhere to standard SD-1003 (Urban Roads Typical Driveway).



Property Access (Driveway/Crossover) Works Application
Urban Roads Typical Driveway

Construction must be carried out by a Council registered contractor and be in accordance with municipal standards.

Concrete In-Fill
In the case of a car scraping as it enters a driveway, this is also the responsibility for the property owner to rectify. As council do not permit the use of metal plates, a concrete in-fill is now the desired solution. This can be done without the need for a Road Opening Permit. Maintenance, including cleaning of debris to allow stormwater flow, of these in-fills, is also the property owner's responsibility.

How to I find out more about driveways?To find out more on driveways contact Council on 6216 6426.

You can also contact us via our contact form.