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Economic Development

In January 2015 Council adopted The City of Glenorchy Community Plan 2025 - 2040 developed through extensive community consultation, resulting in this shared Vision for the City of Glenorchy;


City of Glenorchy Community Vision


We are a proud city; a city of arts; of opportunity; of partnerships; a city that makes exciting things happen.

The people of Glenorchy developed their long term Community Plan and Vision in order to guide the long term strategic direction of the City.

The City’s strategic direction is summed up in the following community outcomes:

  • Open For Business,
  • Making Lives Better,
  • Valuing our Environment,
  • Leading Our Community; and
  • Building Image and Pride.


Take a look at our Glenorchy City Community Profile to see a snapshot of our people, activities and demographic information.


Open for Business

Council's Economic Development Unit aims to encourage business diversity, innovation and new technologies to help stimulate jobs, creativity and collaboration; a place where businesses can establish, continue and flourish.

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