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Environmental Management

Council is committed to responsible environmental management of the City of Glenorchy and its community with the strategic objective of providing an Environmentally Sustainable Community through the sound management, protection and development of the natural and built environment.

In accordance with this objective Glenorchy City Council is committed to:

  • Compliance with legislation and regulations;
  • Continual improvement in environmental performance;
  • Avoidance of environmental harm and minimisation of environmental impacts from Council activities;
  • Conservation and/or improvement of resources such as water, soil, air and energy; and
  • Promotion of conservation of resources.

Challenges for the future are likely to present in the form of emergencies and disasters, climate change, increased pressure on drinking water supplies and the intensity of urban development; all of which have a capacity to adversely affect the natural and built environment.  To this extent, Council will continue to use a risk assessment and management approach to:

  • Enhance the capacity of Council to respond to environmental health challenges from disasters;
  • Provide standards, guidelines, regulations, legislation indicators and risk assessment tools;
  • Anticipate and plan for the most critical public health issues arising from climate change; and
  • Ensure environmental standards developed in other sectors are effectively utilised so as to enhance human health;
Development Applications
A primary focus in considering Development Applications is to protect the health and amenity of the community through the maintenance of safe, clean and pleasant environments.
Environmental Monitoring
To meet the objective of an Environmentally Sustainable Community Council is authorised within its municipal boundaries to implement the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 so as to prevent or control acts that cause or are capable of causing pollution.