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Environmental Nuisances

As a community there are a number of environmental issues that can cause concern.  These sometimes involve noise associated with music, motor vehicles, machinery as well as heat pumps.  This can seriously disrupt peoples' lives, causing loss of sleep, interference to activities as well as emotional stress.


In Tasmania, the overarching legislation for environmental issues is the Environmental Management and Pollution Control Act 1994 (EMPCA).  EMPCA defines an 'environmental nuisance' as:


  • The emission of a pollutant that unreasonably interferes with, or is likely to unreasonably interfere with, a person's enjoyment of the environment; and
  • Any emission specified in an environment protection policy to be an environmental nuisance.
    Examples of environmental nuisances:
  • Noise including:
    - Music
    ­- Power tools
    ­- Heat Pump/Air Conditioning systems
    ­- Motorbike/Vehicle noise
  • Litter
  • Odours
  • Wood heater smoke
  • Incinerators & backyard burning

For detailed information regarding environmental nuisances please refer to the 'Environmental Nuisances' Fact Sheet, visit the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority Division’s website or telephone Council on 6216 6800.


Environmental Nuisance Fact Sheets

Environmental Nusiances

Noise Annoys

Wood Heater Smoke


In December 2007, new litter laws commenced in Tasmania.  The Litter Act 2007 introduced stronger and more flexible and enforceable anti-littering provisions to:

  • Prohibit and regulate the deposit of litter in the environment;
  • Regulate distribution of materials that may become litter;
  • Facilitate the removal of litter;
  • Generally protect and enhance the quality of the natural and urban Tasmanian environments; and
  • Enhance Tasmania’s "clean and green" image.

The Litter Act 2007 is primarily enforced through the service of infringement notices and litter abatement notices.  Prosecutions in court may also be initiated.  The intention is to encourage people to accept responsibility of disposing of litter appropriately and thus reduce litter and its impacts on our community.


Council officers are able to enforce the Litter Act 2007 with the exception of littering from cars.


For offences and penalties or further information regarding littering please see the Environment Protection Authority Division’s litter laws webpage.


If you require further information regarding any of the above matters please telephone Council’s Environmental Health office on 6216 6800.

Environmental Amenity By-Law No. 1 of 2017