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A-Z of Fact Sheets

Addressing a Council Meeting
Animal Management - If you find a stray Animal
Animal Management - After Hours Service
Animal Management - Barking Dogs
Animal Management - Declared Dangerous Dogs
Animal Management - Desexing Your Dog
Animal Management - Dog Faeces
Animal Management - Dog registration
Animal Management - If you have lost an Animal
Animal Management - Kennel Licences
Animal Management - Restricted Breed Legislation
Animal Management - Snakes
Certificate 132 Buying Selling Property
Change of Details - name/address
Changing property title details
City Assets - Abandoned Vehicles
City Assets - Driveways and Crossovers
City Assets - Footpath dining signage and display of goods
City Assets - Footpath Obstructions
City Assets - Glenorchy Creeks
City Assets - Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park
City Assets - Glenorchy Parking Guide
City Assets - Glenorchy Swimming Pool
City Assets - Hooning
City Assets - Illegal Parking
City Assets - Liquor in Open Spaces
City Assets - Lodging a Work Order Request
City Assets - Parking - Vehicles for Sale
City Assets - Parking a trailer caravan or boat
City Assets - Parking Infringements
City Assets - Parking on a Public Street
City Assets - Parking Permits for a Person With a Permanent Disability
City Assets - Parks and Recreation Areas in Glenorchy
City Assets - Poimena Reserve
City Assets - Roadside Vendors
City Assets - Seepage and Soakage
City Assets - Short term parking scheme for people with a temporary disability
City Assets - Signboards on Footpaths
City Assets - Skip Bin Permits
City Assets - Speed Humps
City Assets - Stalls
City Assets - Tennis Courts
City Assets - Tolosa Park Reserve
City Assets - Traffic Counters
City Assets - Traffic Lights Linemarking and Signage
City Assets - Use of Road to Mix Substances
Community Development - Carols By Candlelight
Community Development - Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee
Community Development - Glenorchy Access Committee
Community Development - Glenorchy Action Interagency Network (GAIN)
Community Development - Glenorchy Arts and Culture Advisory Committee
Community Development - Glenorchy Linkages
Community Development - Glenorchy Matters Community Panel
Community Development - Glenorchy on the Go
Community Development - Glenorchy Tracks, Trails and Cycleways Committee
Community Development - Glenorchy Volunteer Centre
Community Development - Glenorchy Youth Task Force
Community Development - Moonah Arts Centre
Community Development - Moonah Taste of the World Festival
Community Development - Safer Communities Committee
Community Development - Sport and Recreation Advisory Committee
Community Development - Youth Action Network Glenorchy (YANG)
Elm Leaf Beetle
Environmental Health - Asbestos
Environmental Health - Bees and Wasps
Environmental Health - Environmental Nuisances
Environmental Health - Insect Pests
Environmental Health - Noise In The Community
Environmental Health - Pool and Spa Sampling
Environmental Health - Rats and Mice
Environmental Health - Wood Heater Smoke
Food Handling - Cleaning Schedule
Food Handling - Construction Guide for Food Business
Food Handling - Food Business Hand Washing
Food Handling - Food Labelling
Food Handling - Food Safety
Food Handling - Temperature Monitoring Chart
Governance - Complaint Process
Justice of the Peace - Commissioner of Declarations
Noisy Dogs
Personal Information Protection
Planning - A Guide to owning a Heritage listed place
Planning - Exemptions for Outbuildings
Planning - Extension of Time to an Existing Planning Permit
Planning - Information Checklist
Planning - Lodging an Appeal
Planning - Minor Amendment to an Existing Planning Permit
Planning - Trees & Shrubs
Planning - Unlawful Use or Development
Planning Guidelines for Fences
Planning Permits - Lodging a representation or objection
Planning Rules for Multiple Dwellings in Residential Zones
Planning Rules for Operating a Business from Home (Home Occupation)
Planning Rules for Single Dwellings in Residential Zones
Planning Rules for Subdivisions in Residential Zones
Planning Scheme Amendments
Public Question Time at Council Meetings
Questions on Notice at Council Meetings
Rates - Interest and Penalty
Rates - Payment Arrangements
Rates - Remissions
Recovery Shop - Tip Shop
Request to Address a Council Meeting - Form
Staged Development Schemes
Tabling a Petition
Timeframes for Deciding Permitted and Discretionary Applications
What is a Planning Permit
What is the difference between Planning and Building Approval