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Environment, Planning and Development Fact Sheets

Animal Management - If you find a stray Animal
Animal Management - After Hours Service
Animal Management - Barking Dogs
Animal Management - Declared Dangerous Dogs
Animal Management - Desexing Your Dog
Animal Management - Dog Faeces
Animal Management - Dog registration
Animal Management - If you have lost an Animal
Animal Management - Kennel Licences
Animal Management - Restricted Breed Legislation
Animal Management - Snakes
Environmental Health - Asbestos
Environmental Health - Bees and Wasps
Environmental Health - Environmental Nuisances
Environmental Health - Insect Pests
Environmental Health - Noise In The Community
Environmental Health - Pool and Spa Sampling
Environmental Health - Rats and Mice
Environmental Health - Wood Heater Smoke
Food Handling - Cleaning Schedule
Food Handling - Construction Guide for Food Business
Food Handling - Food Business Hand Washing
Food Handling - Food Labelling
Food Handling - Food Safety
Food Handling - Temperature Monitoring Chart
Noisy Dogs
Planning - A Guide to owning a Heritage listed place
Planning - Exemptions for Outbuildings
Planning - Extension of Time to an Existing Planning Permit
Planning - Information Checklist
Planning - Lodging an Appeal
Planning - Minor Amendment to an Existing Planning Permit
Planning - Trees & Shrubs
Planning - Unlawful Use or Development
Planning Guidelines for Fences
Planning Permits - Lodging a representation or objection
Planning Rules for Multiple Dwellings in Residential Zones
Planning Rules for Operating a Business from Home (Home Occupation)
Planning Rules for Single Dwellings in Residential Zones
Planning Rules for Subdivisions in Residential Zones
Planning Scheme Amendments
Recovery Shop - Tip Shop
Staged Development Schemes
Timeframes for Deciding Permitted and Discretionary Applications
What is a Planning Permit
What is the difference between Planning and Building Approval