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Get Involved

Council provides a range of activities and initiatives by which citizens can become involved with their local community and Council.


Whether you would like to attend one of our many events, take part in community consultation, or offer up some of your time as a volunteer for a local group, this section outlines some ways in which citizens can get involved in the local area.


Community Engagement Strategy


Council has a Community Engagement Strategy to build on its already strong commitment to the community council concept and involving its community in decision making processes.


The Community Engagement Strategy is currently under review.

Community Engagement Strategy


Glenorchy Matters Community Panel
Glenorchy City Council have established a Community Panel and you are invited to become a member.


The Glenorchy Matters Community Panel currently has about 450 residents from all sections of the community who volunteer to provide feedback, opinions and ideas on specific issues. 


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Have Your Say

Council welcomes your feedback on how well it is delivering services and how effectively it is addressing short and long-term issues in our area. We value your opinion and suggestions to help us improve. Please fill out our online feedback form here to tell us what you think about our services.