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Glenorchy Action Interagency Network (GAIN)


GAIN is an interagency group for government and non-government service providers and organisations working with families and children from birth to 12 years of age.  They work together to ensure effective responses to the identified needs and issues of children and families in the City of Glenorchy.


GAIN has 5 key objectives:

  • Improved integration of services for children and families
  • Networking and exchange of information on current issues impacting on families and children in Glenorchy
  • More efficient coordination of resources
  • Community awareness and education
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in service delivery


GAIN meetings are held bi-monthly on the fourth Thursday of the month (February to November inclusive, December meeting date varies) 9am.


GAIN activities and achievements:

  • Annual Children’s Week event
  • Annual Dad’s Day Out event
  • Received funding to develop the Glenorchy Early Years Strategy (currently in draft)
  • Received funding to implement projects
  • Establishment of advisory groups for services and organisations to develop programs for children and families in Glenorchy
  • Established an email network that allows members to easily and efficiently share information


You can participate in GAIN by attending meetings, receiving minutes, or joining the e-mail network.


For further information contact the Community Development Officer on 62166371.