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Glenorchy LEARN

The Glenorchy City Council, Building a Learning Community in Glenorchy Strategy is a whole of community approach to addressing the learning needs, issues, and challenges of our community.
The development of the Building a Learning Community in Glenorchy Strategy followed extensive community mapping, research, and consultation with over 200 community stakeholders engaged in the process.
This culminated in community members and leaders in education, coming together at the Building Glenorchy as a Learning Community Forum to develop the framework for a Building a Learning Community in Glenorchy Strategy.
The research phase involved a review of models for establishing learning communities, to support better educational outcomes, and greater individual, and community capacity to support and promote learning for life.


Additional research has included a review of school retention and attendance rates for Glenorchy, mapping of education and training pathways and outcomes for our community, and factors influencing early school leaving. You can find the Glenorchy Learn Strategy here.