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How is my Property Valued?

The Valuer-General has the responsibility of the direction, control and management of the valuation of land and property in accordance with the Valuation of Land Act 2001.
Your property will be revalued when:

  • A new building has been erected
  • An existing building has been changed
  • An addition to the property, like a swimming pool or fence has been made
  • Land boundaries are changed
  • Properties are amalgamated or separated

In addition, your property is revalued every two years to be more closely aligned to the current market value of a property.  This is called an Adjustment Factor. Click here to find more about Glenorchy Council’s most recent adjustment factor revaluations.


All properties also receive a full revaluation every six years. You can see when the Glenorchy Municipality is next being revalued by following this link.

If You Disagree with the Valuation Provided
If you wish to discuss your valuation as shown on your notice please contact the valuers who provided your valuation.


If you wish to discuss other information or details on your Notice of Valuation contact the Office of the Valuer-General on 03 6233 3715 between the hours of 08:45am and 5:00pm.


If you wish to object to your valuation *, your objection must be made on theNotice of Objection form. Objections must be lodged within sixty (60) days from the date of the Notice of Valuation.

Grounds for objection must be clearly stated. Where the objection is against the values detailed on the Notice of Valuation, you must provide suitable evidence to support your objection. Any discussion of rates and land tax is not valid grounds for objection.


All objections will be reviewed and assessed. The Office of the Valuer-General will notify you in writing advising of the decision regarding your objection.