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What is immunisation?

Immunisation refers to both receiving a vaccine and becoming 'immune' to a disease as a result of that vaccination.
Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting children against certain diseases.  It stimulates the body’s natural defence mechanism – the "immune response" – to develop resistance to specific infections/disease without having to be exposed to the disease itself.  If/when a person comes into contact with that disease in the future, the body will respond fast enough to prevent the disease developing.
Routine vaccination is now available for many once prevalent and often deadly diseases.  For more information on immunisation; vaccines available; and for answers to many frequently asked questions about immunisation, please click on the following link to the Australian Government’s Immunise Australia web page:: Frequently Asked Questions about Immunisation.


What can Council provide?

Council holds a free immunisation clinic at the Glenorchy LINC (4 Terry St, Glenorchy TAS 7010), Room 8, on the third Monday of each month, between 9:30am and 10:30am


Upcoming Clinic Dates for 2017

Monday 16th January
Monday 20th February
Monday 20st March
Monday 10th April
Monday 15th May
Monday 19th June
Monday 17th July
Monday 21th August
Monday 18th September
Monday 16th October
Monday 20st November
Monday 18th December


Please ensure you bring your Medicare card and babybook with you to the immunisation sessions.


Whilst the clinic primarily targets infants aged between 2 months and 4-5 years, other vaccinations can be provided for older children who missed school vaccinations or for other age groups who are entitled to free vaccines under the National Immunisation Program.  For more information on this program, click on the following link National Immunisation Program (NIP).


Vaccines provided under the NIP are free of charge and no booking is required for the clinic.


As well as providing free vaccines specified in the NIP, Council can also provide vaccinations for the following:

  • Adult Diphtheria,Tetanus and Pertussis (whooping cough);
  • Influenza (seasonal);

Vaccines not available under the NIP must be purchased and booked in advance of the clinic.  Any person wishing to purchase a vaccine can either come into the Council Chambers, or book and pay over the phone.  A receipt will be issued which must be presented at the clinic prior to receiving the vaccine.


Please see your local Doctor for travel vaccinations.


Can my child be vaccinated at school?
Yes.  Every year Council visits each school in the municipality and offers vaccinations for specific age groups specified in the NIP schedule.


Grade Vaccine Protects against
7 Boostrix (1 Dose) Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis (dTpa)
7 Gardasil (3 Doses over 6 months) Human Papillomavirus (HPV)



Children will be given a consent form at school to bring home for a parent or guardian to fill out and sign.  These forms must be fully completed and returned to the school.  Without a completed, signed form Council will not be able to vaccinate your child.  If your child did not receive a consent form to bring home from school, please contact Council on (03) 6216 6800.


School Immunisation Dates 2017

Round Vaccination Type 2017 Dates
One HPV Dose 1 (Gardasil) 3rd April - 11th April
Two HPV Dose 2 (Gardasil)  22nd May - 24th May
Three HPV Dose 3 (Gardasil) + dTpa 17th October – 18th November



School Immunisation Catch-up Clinic 2017

Round When Where
One Wednesday 19th April
5pm – 6:30pm
Glenorchy City Council Chambers, 374 Main Road, Glenorchy (Car park entrance)
Two Wednesday 21st June
5pm – 6:30pm
Glenorchy City Council Chambers, 374 Main Road, Glenorchy (Car park entrance)
Three Wednesday 25th October and Wednesday 1st November
5pm – 6:30pm
Glenorchy City Council Chambers, 374 Main Road, Glenorchy (Car park entrance)


A printable version of Councils immunisation dates can be accessed here.


Council keeps comprehensive records for vaccinations provided at either Council clinic or school programs.  If you would like a copy of your child’s vaccination records please download and complete the ‘Immunisation Record Request’ form below and send back to

Immunisation Record Request


Alternatively your child's records may be accessible from the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register or for records relating to cervical cancer vaccination, from the National HPV Vaccination Program Register.