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Other Animals

The Glenorchy City Council Animal Management By-Law (“the By-Law”) governs the keeping of certain types of animals (other than dogs) within the Municipality.  Pursuant to the By-Law, the keeping of animals such as  Goats, Pigs, Horses, Bees and/or other farm animals may require the approval of either a Stable Licence Application or Application to Keep Farm Animals to keep such animals.
Any person intending on applying to Council for approval to keep such animals should review the requirements as defined in the By-Law, or contact Council on 6216 6800 for more information.
The Animal Management By-Law prohibits the keeping of Roosters in certain zones as defined in the Glenorchy Planning Scheme 1992. The By-Law also contains provisions for the enforcement of different nuisances caused by all animals.

Animal Management By-Law

Animal Management By-Law No.1 of 2014
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