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Main Rd On Road Cycle Lanes - Austins Ferry to Granton – Opportunity to commentGlenorchy City Council has been offered funding by the State Government to install cycle lanes on Main Road from St Virgil’s College, Austins Ferry to Black Snake Road in Granton (see attached map).  If the project proceeds it would be the second stage of the project that involves the installation of on-road cycle lanes on Main Road from Abbotsfield Road to the end of Main Road at Granton.  Stage 1 of the on-road cycle lanes from Abbotsfield Road to St Virgil’s College was completed in 2016.

The Intercity Cycleway between Hobart and Claremont has been a resounding success. Since the Cycleway reached its current end point at Bilton Street, Council has received numerous requests to extend the path so that more of the community can enjoy this facility.

The design project included an extension of the Intercity Cycleway along the rail corridor from Bilton Street to Abbotsfield Road and on-road bicycle lanes from Abbotsfield Road northwards to Granton.

The on-road bicycle lanes were designed because from this point the rail corridor follows the Derwent shoreline rather than the more direct Main Road alignment, and there is also a lack of space in the rail corridor. Main Road in this area is generally wide enough to accommodate both on street parking and bicycle lanes, together with two through lanes for vehicular traffic.

In locations where the road width narrows, the lanes were discontinued and relevant signage was considered to be installed.

In the interim, public consultation on this project has commenced and community members are encouraged to provide feedback on the proposal. Comments from the public are sought prior to 28th of April 2017.

Please click on the link below to complete the online survey:



Main Road Cycle Lanes - Brochure
Detailed Plan - Main Road Cycle Lanes - Stage Two