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Interactive Maps and Spatial Data

Glenorchy City Council has a new mapping and spatial data sharing website that documents spatial data that has been released for use under an open data licence, Creative Commons.


The GIS team at Glenorchy City Council is embracing open data in accordance with the Declaration of Open Governement by the Australian Government. This form of data sharing promotes transparency in government and encourages the innovative use of information that has been shared. Currently data that is shared by Council is limited to only spatial data.


Maps that are available generally use data that can be used by anyone under the Creative Commons licence. Some examples of maps that are currenty available include:

  • Stormwater location
  • Water and sewer location (for Council owned water and sewer assets)
  • Gas and power (for Council owned gas and power)
  • Historic Town Gas (non-Council assets).

Access the maps via the maps page.


There are some maps that are still done the old way, such as Waste Pickup Zones.

Spatial Data

Data that Council has released under Creative Commons licensing includes:

These datasets can also be accessed via


In addition to direct downloads, there are OGC web services. Directions on how to access to these services is available at the services page. Spatial web services can be used directly in web-mapping or desktop applications including ArcGIS, MapInfo and QGIS.


If you have any ideas about what data could be of value to be released, or for any general queries about open data, maps or spatial things, then please contact us at