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Minutes and Agendas

The Local Government Act 1993 guides the way in which Council meetings are to be called and requires all councils to hold meetings on a regular basis.


In Glenorchy, Ordinary Council Meetings are held every 4 weeks on Monday afternoons commencing at 3:00pm.


Each fortnight Council's Glenorchy Planning Authority (formerly known as Land Use Planning Committee) meets at 3pm to consider any planning matters and has been given delegated authority from Council to do so.



Relevant Meeting Policies


Council approved at its 26 October 2015 meeting the following Council meeting related policies:

  • Council Meeting Policy: This policy covers in relation to Council and Glenorchy Planning Authority meetings: meeting procedures; meeting commencement; format of Council Meeting agenda; and tabling of material at Council Meetings.
  • Audio Recording of Meetings of Council Policy: This policy provides direction as to the management of the audio recording of specific meetings of Council.


Please find these policies in the list below:

Audio Recording of Meetings of Council Policy (Adopted October 2015)