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On-Site Wastewater Management Systems

On-site wastewater management systems (OSWMS) are used for the bacterial, biological, chemical or physical treatment of sewage.  OSWMS include all tanks, beds, artificial wetlands, settling lagoons, absorption trenches, sewers, drains, pipes, fittings, appliances and land used in connection with the system.  Approximately 20% of Australia's population rely on domestic OSWMS, with these systems being the basis for sewage treatment where the reticulated sewerage system connection is unavailable.


Prior to installation of a domestic on-site waste water management system approval must be obtained from Council.  This is achieved by gaining the expertise of a suitably qualified person to undertake a site and soil evaluation and design a system for you.  This report must then be submitted with a 'special plumbing permit application' (see below).  Any proposed system must be accredited under the Tasmanian Plumbing Code, or certified by a suitably qualified and experienced person as complying with AS/NZS 1547:2000 – Onsite Domestic Wastewater Management.

Please note that the installation of an on-site wastewater system must only occur after a Special Plumbing Permit and Plumbing Permit has been applied for and approved by Council.


Once the system is installed the owner must ensure that it complies with all conditions placed on the permit, and that it does not create a nuisance through odour, run-off, vermin, or by any other means.


For further information and application form please see 'Information for Applicants' or contact Council on (03) 6216 6800.