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Service Description
Glenorchy City Council commenced parking enforcement in 1988 under the Traffic Act 1925 and Local Government Highways Act 1982 primarily focused on the CBD’s of Moonah and Glenorchy.  The offences applicable and penalties imposed are contained within the Road Rules 2009 and the Traffic (Compliance and Enforcement) Regulations 2001.


Glenorchy City Council provides and maintains parking facilities as a community service to improve road safety, traffic safety and pedestrian safety, user convenience, and environmental and residential amenity.  Council’s current role in parking covers a range of responsibilities but can be broadly categorised as managing the supply and use of parking as follows:

  • Supplying and maintaining public on and off street parking facilities throughout the city;
  • Regulating and enforcing the use of this public parking through time limits;
  • Regulating and enforcing the use of private parking through management agreements (although this does not occur consistently in the city at present);
  • Regulating the supply of private parking through the Planning Scheme, which requires developments to provide a certain number of car park spaces.

Parking enforcement plays a vital role in ensuring that parking resources are used in the best interests of the community.  Businesses require adequate parking with a regular turnover of vehicles.  Near capacity parking (with little turnover) discourages potential shoppers and harms trade and potentially the local economy.


Council can also issue temporary access permits for people suffering from a temporary disability.  We also issue permits for the placement of skip bins in the roadway and undertake enforcement in relation to the Footpath Trading Code.


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Have your say

If you have a query in relation to a parking (including infringement notices, time restrictions etc), skip bin or temporary access permits please contact the Chief Parking Officer on 6216 6786.

If you wish to discuss changes to parking or the parking strategy please contact the Traffic Engineer on 6216 6766.


You can also contact us via our contact form.