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Plumbing Regulations 2004

Index of Approved Forms

No. Title Reg. No. Issued by Issued to Copy to Amended
59 Certificate of others (Plumbing) 14(5) OP O or PA
This form has been deliberately left blank
61 Notice of refusal of start work authorization 39(2) PA Appl. 18 June 2004
62 Plumbing endorsement 18(2) PA Appl. 18 June 2004
63 Direction to uncover plumbing work 45(1) PA PI 18 June 2004
64 Plumbing inspection direction 46(1) PA PI 18 June 2004
65 Notice of suspension of special plumbing permit 22(3) PA or GM O or Occ
66 Notice of cancellation of special plumbing permit 23(5) PA or GM O or Occ
67 Notice of environmental harm or a nuisance 50(7) GM O Occ 18 June 2004



These forms are referenced in the Plumbing Regulations 2004 and are provided for use in the administration of the Regulations. The forms are limited to the matters, things or actions that are required to be undertaken under the Regulations.


Care should be exercised in completing the forms. The Regulations, and in particular the regulation referred to, should be read before use. This will provide a check to ensure that the form being used is understood by the user, and that all relevant information is included.


The top of each form is left blank, so that users will be able to simply photocopy them onto their own letterhead. This will also allow users space to include any record keeping information required. Alternatively the forms can be processed into a computer system.


A Agent
Appl. Applicant
GM    General Manager
O     Owner
Occ. Occupier
OP      Other Person
PA Permit Authority
Pl Plumber