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Preparing your Application
The first step in the selection process is to prepare and submit a written application. The written application is an important first stage in demonstrating your claims to the Selection Committee. Many applicants do not proceed past the first stage of assessment as they have not provided sufficient information in relation to the selection criteria.


The following documents are required as part of your written application:


Covering letter

It is recommended that you include a covering letter with your written application as it allows you to introduce yourself and to highlight the reasons you are seeking this position with Council.


Claims against the selection criteria

The Council requires that you submit an application that addresses each of the selection criteria. This document will assist the Selection Committee to establish whether you have the relevant knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience to meet the specified criteria. In addressing the selection criteria, please provide information in relation to your work history, qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience which is directly related to each selection criterion, as it is not sufficient simply to claim that you meet the criteria.


Current Resume or Curriculum VitaeA resume is a history of your employment and work experience and should cover the following areas:

  • Your employment history in chronological order, starting with your current employment;
  • Details of the positions you have held including dates of employment, capacity in which you were employed, where you were employed and a brief outline of the main duties, responsibilities, and major achievements; and
  • Your educational qualifications and professional affiliations that detail the full title of the qualification, the year awarded and the full title of the institution attended.

In relation to your written application, please note the following:

  • Your application should be typed;
  • The Council is unable to return your application to you. It is therefore suggested that you retain a copy of your written application for your reference;

  • Please submit copies of official documents;

  • Please staple/clip application in top left hand corner; and


Your application should be sent to Council by post or email to, or you may deliver it personally to Council. The postal and delivery addresses are included on the Final Checklist for Applicants.