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Purchasing a Property

Building Plan Requests

Glenorchy City Council has access to many old building and plumbing records for properties within the municipality. Access to/copies of these records can be provided to owners and authorised individuals who have owners consent.

Applications to view and copy these documents can be made to Councils Building & Plumbing Section using the following request form.


337 Certificates

Under the Local Government Act 1993, a person may apply to Council for a “Land Information Certificate” (often referred to as a “337 Certificate”).

The 337 certificate is used to make prospective purchasers aware of matters related to the property for which Council has records.

Some of these matters include;

·         Whether completion certificates have been issued for building and plumbing permits?

·         Is there an occupancy permit for the building?

·         Is there any outstanding enforcement on the property?

·         What is the zoning of the site, etc…?

It is important to note that Council can only answer matters that it has been made aware of. For further information about obtaining this certificate please contact Councils Building Administration Officers.