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Rates FAQs - (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why Do I Pay Rates?Income from rates is used to maintain and provide services and facilities for the total area within Council's boundaries.

Is Council's Income Totally Derived from Rates?
No. Income generated by rates makes up approximately 40% of Council's total yearly income.

How are my Rates Calculated?Rates are calculated on the value of your land which is determined by the Valuer General and a rate in the $ levy is applied to this value.


Added to this are the fixed annual charges for waste services to all areas where these services are supplied.

How Can I Check my Rates Balance?
If you wish to check your rates balance, please contact our Customer Service Team on Ph: (03) 6216 6800 who will be able to provide you with an up-to-date balance.

When are my Rates Due and Payable?Your annual rates are payable by two (2) instalments each year.

Can I Get a Reduction in my Rates?
Concessions are available for eligible pensioners. You must hold a current Concession Card as detailed here. You must also be the owner/occupier of the property the rate rebate application is for.

What if I am Having Difficulty Paying my Rates?
Arrangements can be made with Council to help make your payments more manageable. Methods currently available are: Direct Debit, B-Pay and Centrelink Deductions.  Please phone Council on 03 6216 6800 to discuss your individual circumstances.


It’s important to contact Council when payment cannot be made by the instalment date to avoid legal action and further costs.

Are There Penalties for Late Payment of Rates?
Yes. Interest accrues on rates and charges that remain unpaid after they become due and payable. A penalty of 10% is also applied after each instalment on that overdue instalment amount. If your rates become overdue and you do not make a repayment arrangement then the matter may be referred to Council's solicitors. If the matter progresses to legal action then you will incur expensive legal costs.

How Can I Apply for a Pensioner Concession?You will need to complete a pensioner concession application form. You can obtain this form from Council.

How Can I Update my Postal Address?
If your current postal address is different from the address shown on the front of your Rate Notice, please notify Council's Rates Team.  Notification can be made by

  • post to PO Box 103, Glenorchy  TAS  7010
  • email using the Change of Address Form attached below

Please note: Council will not accept notifications of change of address over the telephone.

What is the Assessed Annual Value (AAV)?
An assessed annual valuation is an assessment of the market value of a property, at a specific date and in accordance with legislation. The Valuer-General determines the AAV under the Valuation of Land Act 2001.


It is the gross annual income that, at the time of valuation, the owner of the property might reasonably expect to obtain from letting it to a tenant.  The assessed annual value of the land cannot be less than 4 per cent of the capital value of the land.

What is the Capital Value?
It is the expected sum of money that might be realised if the land and any existing dwelling or improvements were offered for sale at a particular time.  For instance, on a rates notice, it may show land value as $40,000 and capital value as $125,000.  The capital value includes the land value plus the value of any buildings on the site.

I'm Buying/Selling a Property – What Happens to the Property's Rates?
Your solicitor will calculate your proportion of rates liability in your settlement.  If you are doing your own conveyancing you should apply for a 132 certificate and a 337 certificate from Council.  The 132 certificate shows:

  • The amount of any liability for rates, whether due or not on the land and outstanding interest or penalty payable in relation to the land;
  • Any amount received on account of rates that is held in credit against future liabilities for rates in relation to the land; and
  • The amount of any charge on the land recoverable by the council.

You can apply, and send in your payment by cheque or bring into Council.  There can be a 5 (five) day waiting period for the certificate to be issued.


If you have any questions please contact our Customer Service Team on Ph: (03) 6216 6800.
You can find out more about a 337 certificate here.

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