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Road Safety

Service DescriptionCouncil takes road safety in Glenorchy very seriously.  Traffic data (including crash records, vehicle speeds and traffic volumes) is regularly assessed to determine where safety deficiencies in the road network may be.


Many road safety improvements are carried out to the road network each year, ranging from minor intersection modifications to the installation of major traffic control devices such as roundabout or traffic calming devices (such as speed humps).


There are a number of government programs that are operational in Glenorchy that assist in providing a safer road environment.  These include:

Community Road Safety Partnerships (CRSP)
This is a partnership between Glenorchy City Council and State Government (DIER).  The aim of the CRSP program is to reduce the incidence and severity of road crashes in Tasmania by encouraging communities to be conscious of road safety and responsible road users.  Since the program was launched in Glenorchy in April 2005 the partnership has implemented a number of initiatives including:

  • "50 km/h in Our Streets" wheelie bin stickers in Brent Street and Catherine Street to target urban speeding
  • The "Best Bets" breath testing at the Hobart Cup to educate people on drink driving
  • "Forgotten Something" signage at Centro Glenorchy car park, reminding people to wear seatbelts

Please see the CRSP Progress Report for full details of the partnership achievements.

Black Spot Schemes
The Federal Government provides funding to address locations that have a serious crash history.  The sites must meet particular criteria based on crash trends and benefit/cost ratios.


Previous black spot projects include:

  • Brent Street speed cushions
  • Coleman Street / Springfield Avenue roundabout
  • Albert Road / Bowen Road roundabout
  • Main Road Moonah (Amy Street to Maxwell Street) median lane and traffic islands
  • Main Road Claremont (Pascoe Avenue to Abbotsfield Road) median lane and traffic islands

Roads to Recovery
The Federal Government provides funding to address the deterioration of local government road infrastructure through the Auslink Roads to Recovery Program.


Previous Roads to Recovery projects include:

  • Tolosa Street upgrade
  • Extension of the InterCity Cycleway
  • Main Road (Lampton Avenue to Johnston Street)
  • Main Road (Hopkins Street to Amy Street)

Current Focus

Community Road Safety Program •Pedestrian Safety / vulnerable road users
Auslink Black Spot Projects •Central Avenue / Bayswater Road – roundabout
•Collinsvale Road, signage, safety barrier and delineation
•Tolosa Street / Barry Street – traffic signals, right turn arrow for southbound traffic on Barry Street
Auslink Roads to Recovery Projects •Walch Avenue, Burgess Avenue to Northcote Road
•Sixth Avenue – Second Avenue to Eighth Avenue

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Have your sayIf you wish to discuss road safety in Glenorchy please contact the Traffic Engineer on 6216 6349.

You can also contact us via our contact form.