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Street Lighting

Who is Responsible for street lighting?Council is responsible for managing lighting within roads, parks and reserves.  Council decides where and what type of lights are required and uses a contractor, Aurora, to install and maintain these lights.

Who do I report a street light fault to?

Street light faults can vary from a light not working, to it being dimmer, to vandalism of light.  Any faults with street lights should be reported directly to Aurora on 132004. The following details should be provided:
6 digit pole ID,
Pole No or Street Name and
address of the property the light is outside.

Aurora have 9 business days to fix faults or report back to the customer who reported it if there are any ongoing issues.

What if I am concerned with the lack of lighting?
Council has a lighting policy that sets guidelines as to what standard of lighting is appropriate for different locations.  Generally areas that have high pedestrian movements will have a higher standard of lighting than areas that have lower pedestrian movements.  Requests for improved lighting can be directed to Council's City Assets Department on 6216 6800.

What if a light is shining into my property?
Lights are installed to provide a consistent standard of lighting that meets the requirements of the lighting policy. In some cases positioning of a light fitting causes unwanted spill light within a property.  Generally this can be addressed by providing shielding for part of the light fixture causing the light to be directed away from the property. If you have an issue with spill light within your property contact Council's City Assets Department on 6216 6800. You can also contact us via our contact form.


For a copy of the policy see below