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Superseded Glenorchy Planning Scheme 1992

The Glenorchy Planning Scheme 1992 has been replaced by the Glenorchy Interim Planning Scheme 2015.
However, valid planning applications lodged under the 1992 Scheme and not determined prior to the declaration of the new interim Scheme are still being assessed under the old Scheme, in accordance with transition provisions in the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993.  No new application will be assessed under the old Scheme.


Any interpretation of the Planning Scheme's requirements can be made by contacting Council's Planning Department on 03 6216 6800.
A copy of the Glenorchy Planning Scheme is available from the following link.

Glenorchy Planning Scheme
List of Planning Scheme Amendments
Planning Scheme - State Amendments
Planning Scheme Collinsvale Map
Planning Scheme Glenorchy Map
Planning Scheme North Map