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The Youth Action Network Glenorchy (YANG) group was established in 1999 as a response to an identified need to improve co-ordination and networking of youth services for young people in the  Glenorchy Local Government area.

YANG consists of youth service providers based either in Glenorchy or with a youth service provision focus in the City.


YANG has been instrumental in working with government and non-government organisations and networks to provide new services, support programs and conduct community forums and events.

YANG was involved in the consultation for the development of the Glenorchy youth policy and plan.


Youth Strategy and Action Plan

The Glenorchy Youth Strategy and Action Plan have been developed to:

  • Provide direction for Council’s activities in relation to young people
  • Demonstrate Council’s commitment to the development and support of young people in the City, and
  • Detail strategies that Council intends to undertake in order to achieve specific outcomes with young people and the community

This Youth Policy and Youth Plan applies to young people between the ages of 12 and 25 years old, who live, work and visit the City of Glenorchy, and aims to provide opportunities for the growth and development of all young people.

Glenorchy City Council Youth Plan FINAL 30 July 2014