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Youth Task Force

The Glenorchy Youth Task (GYTF was established as a special committee of Glenorchy City Council in 1994 and is the longest continuously operating Council supported youth committee in Australia.


GYTF members take a strong interest in all issues affecting young people in Glenorchy. In 2009 the GYTF have focused on promoting a positive image of young people in the community and issues such as drug and alcohol use, community safety, body image and teenage pregnancy.


The GYTF are also involved in youth camps, forums and activities such as the National Drug Action Week. The GYTF were also involved in the development of the Youth Leadership Toolkit which is a resource for use by schools, other councils and youth groups for developing the leadership capacity of young people.


For a copy of the Youth Leadership Toolkit please contact the Youth Participation Officer on 62166309.

Further information

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