Budget Information Program 2019


Ever wondered how Council calculates the rates you pay on your property?

Are you curious about Glenorchy City Council's Capital Works and keen to learn more about their Asset Management programs?

Do you want to know more about Council's 2019-20 budget, how it was developed and what you can expect?

Glenorchy City Council's 2019 Budget Information Program is now complete.

The program consisted of three sessions held over three evenings in late May and early June 2019.

To watch the videos of the sessions, click the links below [external links].

Session 1: Breaking it down - Council Rates and Charges

Frank Barta, Chartered Accountant and expert in local government finance, explains how Council calculates the rates you pay on your property, including how the value of your property impacts your overall rate bill.

Session 2: Building your Future - Capital Works and Asset Management in Glenorchy

Council's Director of Infrastructure and Works, Ted Ross, presents an overview of how Council manages its assets and capital works program, including a preview of Council's capital works program for 2019/20. 

Session 3: Community Budget Briefing

Genorchy Mayor Kristie Johnston and General Manager Tony McMullen present an overview of Council's 2019-20 budget and Annual Plan, including information about the process undertaken to develop the budget, the foreseeable challenges Council is planning for, Council's priority actions for the coming year, and what you can expect to see in Council's upcoming budget.

If you want any further information, you can contact our Customer Service Team on (03) 6216 6800.