26TEN Glenorchy Learns Launch


Glenorchy City Council (GCC), in partnership with 26TEN, launched a new project 26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs at an afternoon tea at Glenorchy City Council chambers in late October.

This new project, 26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs: building a learning community is a whole of community approach to addressing the learning needs, issues and challenges of our community. The project will increase knowledge and awareness of adult literacy within the Glenorchy community and increase the use of Plain English with business, community and service providers. The project will encourage others to become involved by helping to support people with their learning, or to take the first steps on their own learning journey.

Did you know that 50% of adult Tasmanians do not have the skills they need for everyday life? This means they may have difficulty with filling in forms, reading safety signs, getting their driver’s licence, reading to their children, or using internet banking. It also means that they may not enrol in courses that give them a better chance of getting a job.

Project Coordinator, Toni Shea-Butler, said that Glenorchy is a community that encourages and supports learning.

“Glenorchy, like much of Tasmania, has significant barriers to learning with low participation and attainment in education and training across all age groups. By working together with business and community, GCC aims to build a community that values lifelong learning, where everyone is encouraged to continue to learn and reach their potential to lead fulfilling and productive lives.

There are so many success stories of people who have improved their reading and writing skills which is now benefiting them and having a positive ripple effect to their families, community and workplace.”

At the launch, Tameeka Jamieson of Glenorchy told her story of how she left school in year 9 and has taken steps to increase her literacy skills which has given her the confidence to enrol in a Certificate III in Business.

“The thing that helped me so much was all the help and encouragement from a staff member at Leprena – Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress,” she said.

“Having family, colleagues or friends to help you with your journey is a huge benefit and one I really appreciated.

“I am now employed as an administration officer at Leprena, so this shows what learning has done for me and shows how having someone who believed in me, encouraged me and continues to support my studies is helping me to achieve a new goal.”

Too many adult Tasmanians are held back because they need more reading, writing, numeracy and speaking skills to meet the demands of daily life and work. Many of these Tasmanians are parents or carers. Parents with low literacy often lack the confidence to help their children.

26TEN is changing this by helping businesses, community groups, government, educators and individuals to work together so all adults have the skills they need.

For more information about the project and to find out how you can be involved, contact Project Coordinator Toni Shea-Butler at toni.shea-butler@gcc.tas.gov.au or visit 26TEN or like the 26TEN Facebook page.