Aldermen and General Manager sign Statement of Expectations


On 23 January 2018, the Minister for Planning and Local Government (Peter Gutwein MP), having considered the recommendations made to him by the Glenorchy City Council Board of Inquiry (BOI), and in accordance with section 8(1)(b) of the Glenorchy City of Council (Dismissal of Councillors) Act 2017 and section 225(2) of the Local Government Act 1993 made seven (7) Ministerial Directions (the Directions).

Direction 1 (Governance) of the Directions required Council to develop Statements of Expectations to establish clear and agreed protocols for the fulfilment of mutual and respective roles and
functions between the following:
• the Mayor and General Manager
• the Mayor and Aldermen
• Aldermen and General Manager, and
• Aldermen (as a group).

In addition to the above, Council has also included a ‘Statement of Expectations of Good Governance across Council’ to further articulate the roles and responsibilities of individuals and groups covered by this document, and to avoid repetition of mutual obligations.

Council approved its Statement of Expectations at its meeting held on 26 March 2018 and a copy is available here.

The Aldermen and General Manager of Council have publicly endorsed and agree with the principles and expectations set out in the Statement of Expectations (as far as they relate to each individual’s respective role) and commit to abiding by them to the best of their ability.

Mayor aldermen and general manager sign the statement of expectations