Dog of the Year Competition



Glenorchy City Council recently held a dog photo competition for residents who paid their dog registration fee by the due date. Winner Mark Walker of Goodwood won back the cost of his registration for his pooch, Gooch.

Mr Walker said he was very proud of his German Wire Haired Pointer Gooch taking out the prize.

“He’s going on for 11 and can be very bullish and stubborn but is highly intelligent so is trainable. He’s my gentleman hunting dog,” he said.

“A lot of European circuses use these dogs as circus dogs as they are very intelligent and very agile. His father came from England and there is an English cricketer called Gooch, with a full shaggy beard and the name rhymes with Pooch so that’s how he got his name.

“His wire coat is ideal for cold weather and it’s a double coat so dirt doesn’t stick to it and water just runs off.

Mr Walker also entered his Bull Mastiff Cross Golden Retriever Lily.

Gooch wins Dog of the Year competition