FOGO starts 17th February 2020


Glenorchy City Council is shortly moving to a three-bin waste collection service. The new waste bin is for garden waste and food scraps and is called a FOGO bin (Food Organic Garden Organic).

Wheelie bins will start arriving from 13th January, starting in the south end of Glenorchy and moving north. Kitchen caddies and compostable liners will arrive separately. It will take four weeks for all of Glenorchy to receive their bin and caddy.

Veolia will start collecting FOGO bins from Monday 17th February. The FOGO wheelie bins will be collected on the OPPOSITE week to your normal waste/recycling bins.

eg If your waste and recycling bins are collected on Monday 10 February, your FOGO bin will be collected on Monday 17 February. Every resident will receive a reminder a week before FOGO collection starts.

Residents are invited to attend "How to FOGO" information sessions and learn some easy and clean ways to sort your food scraps and garden waste into your FOGO bin.

The first dates and times are:

  • Friday 10th Jan, 4pm Claremont RSL
  • Saturday 11th Jan, 10am Glenorchy Library
  • Monday 13th Jan, 7pm Chigwell Barn
  • Tuesday 14th Jan, 10am, West Moonah Community House (with Auslan interpreter)

A session will be recorded with the video and transcript available for viewing online shortly after. 

More information on these sessions can be found on the FOGO FAQs page (external site) or by calling Customer Service on 03 6216 6800. 

There are a small number of households in northern Glenorchy suburbs and in central Glenorchy/Montrose that will have their collection days changed once FOGO starts. These residents have been notified by mail and will also receive additional reminders of their collection day changes before 17th February.

Council have subscribed to a smartphone app to help residents get accustomed to the new service. Residents can now download the free Recycle Coach app from their App Store, enter in their address and get optional timely mobile phone notifications about waste collections, public holiday changes and free tip days. 

As part of reviewing fees and charges for 2020/21 rates, Council will track the volume of FOGO waste that has been diverted from landfill - these savings in landfill costs will help determine the final price for the FOGO service.

An original estimate was less than $2 per week per rateable property - a successful, universal participation in the FOGO service will help to bring this cost down further.

Residents who manage all their own organic waste and don't send it to landfill, or have unusual or exceptional circumstances which make the provision of a FOGO service unreasonable or impractical, can apply for a FOGO Exemption.

To apply for an Exemption, residents will need their FOGO wheelie bin number and Property ID (found on the rates notice). 

Please refer to the FOGO FAQs (external site) for more information.