Go Paperless at Council


Reducing paper wastage and costs 

We are committed to providing low waste options for those who wish to reduce the amount of paper delivered to their residence. We understand that this is not always possible but we encourage you to consider ways to reduce paper wastage in your daily life.

As a ratepayer, you can opt to receive your notices electronically, by signing up below to have them delivered to your nominated email address. The advantage of this option is that it reduces costs on printing and postage and is much faster than waiting for a hard copy to arrive in the mail.


How do I go paperless?

Council sign up 

Ratepayers can follow the link below which will direct to a sign up page. Enter your details and follow the prompts to finalise the changes. It's important to note that once you are successful you will no longer receive a paper notice. 

To sign up head to the registration page



BPAY View is a popular bill paying platform where you can also receive bills and notices online. Using the BPAY details on your current rates notice, head to



Payments/ Fees and Charges

For more information on payment options please head to the

Payments/Fees and Charges page


For any further enquiries please contact us 6216 6800 or email gccmail@gcc.tas.gov.au