Integrity Commission Report


Glenorchy City Council welcomes the public release of the Integrity Commission report into Operation Pyramid, an investigation into conflicts of interest and attempts to obtain a financial advantage by former senior officers of the Council. Council supports the important work of the Integrity Commission in promoting ethical conduct in government institutions including councils and in investigating complaints of misconduct by public officials.

Glenorchy City Council Mayor Kristie Johnston said the Integrity Commission’s conclusions only serve to reinforce the findings of the Board of Inquiry and Auditor-General around poor standards of governance and misconduct that existed under the previous Council.

“Indeed, the Integrity Commission’s report reveals even further instances of misconduct by those former senior officers,” she said.

“We condemn the actions of poor decision making, poor governance and misconduct that have been revealed in this report. Whilst the particular individuals are no longer at Council they have left a costly and complex legacy behind which directly impacts on Council’s finances and budget.

“I am pleased to say that our new Council and management is working together strenuously to make sure that this sort of thing never happens again at Glenorchy City Council and to address the legacy issues left behind.

Visit the Integrity Commission website to view their media release and the Operation Pyramid report.