Lutana Woodlands Reserve


Volunteers help look after their local park

The Lutana community is getting behind an initiative to help preserve the natural values of their much-loved local park. The Lutana Woodland Reserve is a few hectares of green space bordering the zinc works. It contains over thirty-five native plant species including grasses, herbs, orchids, shrubs and trees, including two species that are formally listed as ‘rare’ in Tasmania.

Glenorchy City Council (GCC) organised a ‘walk and talk’ earlier this year for the local community to learn about the history of the site, and remnant flora of the Lutana Woodlands.

Since then the ‘Lutana Woodlands Group’ has formed under the Environmental Volunteer Program run by GCC.

“The program is an opportunity for residents to get involved in projects that protect and enhance our local natural areas” said GCC Environmental Engagement Officer Carl Gallagher.

“The Lutana Woodlands Group has been working alongside council staff to help preserve the native flora in the reserve, report dumped rubbish, and assist with the management and removal of environmental weeds including Gorse and Boneseed.”

GCC will be running another community ‘walk and talk’ at Lutana Woodlands at 10am on Sunday 25 November. It will be an opportunity for residents to learn about the remnant native ground flora in the reserve which is coming into flower as the weather warms up. Register for this event now.

For more information about the ‘walk and talk’ event or becoming an environmental volunteer you can phone Council on 6216 6800 or email

Lutana Woodlands Group