Protecting our Precious Saltmarshes


Environment officers from Glenorchy City Council recently joined Dr Vishnu Prahalad from the University of Tasmania (UTAS) and staff from the Derwent Estuary Program (DEP) to survey saltmarshes at Windermere Bay in Claremont, and along the GASP boardwalk near the Derwent Entertainment Centre.

Saltmarshes are highly productive habitats, providing food and shelter for insects, crabs, birds, and fish. They also help to support the healthy functioning of the Derwent by improving water quality, and provide protection from flooding and storm surges. These dynamic habitats are under threat from weeds, litter, human disturbance, and climate change.

The data being collected will help Council gain a better understanding of how to protect and manage our local saltmarshes.

Council is planning activities in 2019 for the community to learn more about these important habitats. Council also had some interest from community volunteers who are keen to participate in activities such as clean-ups, weeding, and ongoing saltmarsh monitoring to help protect these areas. Residents interested in getting involved should contact Council on 03 6126 6800.

Saltmarshes on the Derwent River