Stories of Resilience


Community Flood Recovery through Storytelling

Were you affected by the May 2018 flood and extreme weather?

We would love you to share your story and help inform future disaster planning, preparedness, response and recovery.

In February and March 2019, Helene Thomas, owner of The Wayfinder, a mobile storytelling studio, will be speaking to people from across the Hobart region. We are inviting community members affected by the extreme weather event to tell their stories and help themselves and others learn from the experience.

Download the project summary here or read below.

Project summary

We are looking for people to share their stories of the extreme weather event that took place in the Hobart region on 10–11 May 2018. We want to hear about what it was like to experience and recover from the heavy rains, wind and flooding.

The stories that we hear will help raise community awareness about preparing for and recovering from extreme weather, as well as to help local governments improve their services to communities.

Stories of Resilience has been jointly funded by the Australian and Tasmanian governments under the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements.

Who can participate

We would like to hear from you if:
 You have a direct experience of the 10–11 May 2018 weather event
 The event had a lasting impact on you (i.e. beyond just 10–11 May)
 You live, work, study, own property and/or run a business in Hobart, Glenorchy, Kingborough or Derwent Valley local government areas

We are looking for people with a diversity of experiences and backgrounds to get involved.

How it works

If you choose to participate this is what will happen:
 You will be contacted by the project team to schedule an approx. 60 minute interview at one of several locations in the Hobart region.
 You will be interviewed by Helene Thomas in The Wayfinder mobile storytelling studio. The interviews will be relaxed and informal. You can learn more about Helene and The
Wayfinder here.
 Our photographer will take a photo of you at your interview and/or at a location relevant to your story for the project photo gallery.
 Parts of some of the interviews will be included in a podcast series about the event.
 All of the interviews will help inform a report about people’s experiences of the event, to improve local government emergency work.

Your privacy

 You can decide whether you want your story to be eligible for the podcast. All stories will inform the report.
 Your interview data (audio recordings and notes) will be stored at the City of Hobart; only the report, photo gallery and podcasts will be available publicly.
 All results included in the report will not have names attached to them; however please be aware that specific details from your story could mean that people could guess who you are.
 Interviews included in podcast episodes could mean you are identifiable by your name, voice and/or the details of your story.
 Your image appearing in the photo gallery will also mean that people are aware you have participated in the project.

Opt out

 You can stop your interview at any time if you decide you don't want to continue.
 If you change your mind after your interview and decide you do not want your story or photo shared publicly, you have until one week after your interview date to inform the project team.

What happens after you share your story

 Some story videos will be made. You might be contacted by the project team to see if you are interested in participating.
 The podcasts are planned for release in May 2019. Podcasts appear on the radio and in other public events.
 Podcasts, the photo gallery, and other information from the project will be available on the City of Hobart website.
 The project team will keep you up to date about what is happening with the project. Please let them know if you would prefer not to be contacted again after your interview.

The project team

This project is being run by the City of Hobart, in partnership with Glenorchy City Council, Kingborough Council and Helene Thomas (The Wayfinder).

The project team is:

 Boshra Yazahmeidi, Community Development Officer – Resilience (participant recruitment)
 Marisa McArthur, Senior Advisor Research and Policy (project management and research)
 Helene Thomas, The Wayfinder (story gathering)

The project is overseen by Tim Short, Director Community Life and Kimbra Parker, Manager Inclusive, Resilient and Creative Communities.

Interested? Here’s how to sign up

Fill out this survey to express your interest.

The project team will contact you to organise an interview time and location.

Learn about more Resilient Hobart projects you can get involved in.

Contact Boshra Yazahmeidi at or on 03 6238 2495.

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