Valuing our Environment


Valuing our Environment

As our city continues to grow the local environment can come under increased pressure from weed invasion, litter and other human impacts. During 2019 Glenorchy City Council has been working on initiatives to help protect local biodiversity in our network of bushland and foreshore reserves.

Here is a snapshot of what we have been up to help protect the environment and natural values across Glenorchy City.

  • Expanding habitat with native tree planting

With significant help from community volunteers, over 3000 native plants have been planted during the year. Locally native species have been chosen to provide improved habitat for wildlife, and further enhancing our existing network of natural areas and reserves across the City. Larger plantings have taken place at Montrose Bay, Gould’s Lagoon, Prince of Wales Bay, Roseneath Rivulet, Lutana Woodlands and Windermere Bay. Further community plantings are planned for 2020.

Woodlands National Tree Day

Lutana Woodlands National Tree Day activity - July 2019 (above)


Goulds Lagoon Southern Bank

Gould's Lagoon Southern bank revegetation works - June 2019 (above)


Community planting at Prince of Wales Bay

Prince of Wales Bay community planting event - November 2019 (above)


  • Protecting sensitive areas from environmental weeds

We have an active program targeting the eradication of legislated priority weeds in the municipality.This covers Chilean Needle Grass, Pampas Grass, Bridal Creeper and Paterson’s Curse. Selective weed management has also been undertaken in Council’s bushland reserves and foreshore areas aimed at reducing their impacts.

Find out more about weed management in Glenorchy City.


  • Listening to our community when it comes to environmental priorities

In early 2019 we conducted a survey to better understand community priorities around local environmental issues.You gave us valuable insights into what natural areas people value most, and what local environmental issues are of most concern. This feedback has been invaluable and has been used to inform future environmental programs and initiatives that will commence rollout in 2020.

Find out more about the outcomes of the 2019 environmental survey.


  • Delivering environmental education and engagement

In 2019 we developed and commenced the rollout of a 3-year environmental engagement plan with the objectives of improving communication of our environmental initiatives, enhancing our community’s understanding and appreciation of natural values, and building community capacity for action. Environmental education activities have been held at Montrose Bay, Lutana Woodlands, and Gould’s Lagoon during 2019, and will expand to other locations in 2020. 

Discovery Ranger

Discovery Rangers environmental engagement activity at GASP! - February 2019 (above)


Lutana walk and talk group

Lutana Woodlands environmental walk and talk - November 2019 (above)

  • Supporting the work of environmental volunteers

During 2019 we developed an environmental volunteer framework to support the growing number of residents wanting to be actively involved in protecting and enhancing our local natural areas. We currently support environmental volunteer groups working in 4 locations and provide in-kind support to several other groups operating at various sites within the municipality. Volunteer efforts throughout the year have been significant, greatly enhancing our capacity to protect natural values, and enhance the local environment.

Environmental volunteering opportunities are set to expand in 2020 with the formation of new volunteer groups operating in the City. 

Find out more about environmental volunteering


Volunteers Friends of Wellington Park

Volunteers from Friends of Wellington Park (above)


Volunteers in Lutana

Volunteers from Lutana Woodlands Group (above)


Collinsvale Volunteers

Volunteers from Collinsvale Landcare (above)


In 2020 we will continue our work to manage our natural environments now and for the future, in line with the future vision set out in the City of Glenorchy Community Plan 2015-2040.

If you would like to get involved, or for more information on these initiatives, get in touch with our Environment section by phone 6216 6800, or email