About the Project

About the Project 

Glenorchy CBD is the area between Terry Street and Barry Street – it is the civic and commercial heart of the City of Glenorchy. We are currently undertaking an upgrade project to bring this area to life. We will be making the area more usable for pedestrians by minimising the impact of vehicles and providing street art, feature lighting and wide pavements.


We are working alongside the community to ensure that our changes meet the needs of the 140 businesses, as well as the Metro interchange, Linc library, government and social services, cinema complex and KGV sports stadium. It is important that our upgrade prepares for ongoing developments and modernisation.


The Glenorchy CBD Urban Design Concept (PDF) has been developed from the planning and consultation process with community, prior to design commencing.


A breakdown of each stage of work is available here (PDF)


A3D fly-through was developed during the urban design process to help our community imagine how our Glenorchy Main Road might look in the future. There are some details that have changed as the project has progressed.


For more information please visit our Project Updates Page or contact us.


Project Timeline


The project is being constructed across three years, which commenced in early 2018, with completion in 2021.


Because of the size and complexity of the project, it was broken down into three main stages, with Stage 3, the largest of the three, broken down further into 3 separate sections:

  • Stage 1 – Peltro St Cycleway extension – complete;
  • Stage 2 - Barry St intersection – complete;
  • Stage 3 – underway as per the following;
    • Stage 3A – Terry/Peltro St to Tolosa St – complete
    • Stage 3B – Tolosa St to Regina St., including the new raised table intersection at Tolosa St & Main Rd – complete
    • Stage 3C – Regina St to Barry St – currently underway


Project objectives


The overarching objectives of the Glenorchy CBD Revitalisation Project are:

  • Develop Glenorchy’s civic heart which contains high quality, welcoming and activated spaces where businesses can thrive;
  • Establish a network of accessible and safe public spaces, easy for people to explore and enjoy both day and night;
  • Create an authentic and distinctive place; true to the Glenorchy community’s culture and heritage; and connected to our unique landscape setting;
  • Make a CBD that is easy to access by a range of transport modes – whether by walking, cycling, public transport or by car.


Key elements of the project


Reducing the width of the road


A key element of the project will be reducing the road width to slow traffic which will improve safety for pedestrians and drivers.  In addition, lower speeds will ensure that cyclists will be able to safely share the road with cars, therefore making the city ‘cycle friendly’ for residents and visitors.


The reduced lane widths, combined with a 2-metre-wide central median to be constructed along Main Road, will allow staged crossing of the street for pedestrians, slows traffic and gives pedestrians more time to cross the road.


Improving access for residents with mobility issues


The project will see the standard kerbs replaced with lower kerbs which will increase access for people with a disability. Further, Main Road does not currently have any designated disability car parking, whereas you will see the addition of up to three designated accessible car parking spaces. The new parking arrangements are also planned to make allowance for Maxi Taxi parking.


Lower speed limits


The proposed changes to traffic infrastructure will also mean a lower speed limit in the CBD area. Currently speed limits are generally 50 km/h in the CBD; however, speed limits will be reduced to a 40 km/h limit in September 2020.


Street art and sculpture spaces


A program of public art will be included as part of the project. This will add to the amenity of the area and provide links to other art and cultural elements within the city and help create community ownership in the project.


High quality street furniture


The project will include furniture types that:

  • will be comfortable and easy to install
  • robust in design
  • will be aesthetically suited with other elements in the CBD
  • are vandal resistant and suited to the local climate.


The final area will support events and activation of the streetscape with the aim to have flexible arrangements of seating to encourage people to stop, sit and engage.


Feature lighting


Street lighting serves multiple functions including road safety, pedestrian perception of crime and as crime prevention. Current lighting in the CBD meets the standard for an urban centre however lighting is uneven on the footpaths as a result of trees and awnings. Additional lighting within the new seating will provide footpath lighting as well as being a decorative element.


Widening of the pavement


The reduction in traffic lane width means we can increase the width of the footpaths, particularly on the southern side of the street where direct sunlight is highest. This will encourage footpath dining and create a wider space for those with prams and mobility aids.


Street trees and garden beds


Trees will be retained wherever possible, with new selected trees planted across the precinct. This will create ‘spaces’ within the CBD and provide informal seating options on Main Road as well as providing shade.


Cycling infrastructure


Dedicated bike lanes in Peltro Street and reduced traffic speed through the CBD will encourage riders into the CBD. Bike racks will provide convenient and safe storage for people visiting the CBD.


New parking arrangements


The project will reduce the number of parking places along Main Road between Barry and Terry Streets and encourage parking in off street locations. The new parking arrangements will allow for dedicated disability parking and for Maxi Taxis, which are not currently provided.