Guide for Businesses

Be proactive - assist your business

The City of Glenorchy is growing. Upgrades to infrastructure, improvements to existing community facilities, streetscape and temporary public space projects are some of the positive initiatives that Glenorchy City Council is delivering to help create a healthy, smart and creative region.

We understand construction projects may impact local business and residents, so we have prepared this guide as one of the tools to help you plan and prepare in advance of construction beginning in your area.


How you can be proactive

The early stages of a planned project is the perfect time to brainstorm ideas with other businesses in your area to identify possible activities and events which could help drive business and attract customers before, during and after the construction period.

Talk to the Project Reference Group members

The Glenorchy CBD Reference Group is made up of individuals from businesses, emergency services, transport organisations and education providers. This group has been and will be working closely with the CBD Project team to provide advice, support and information while the planning and delivery of the project takes place. If you are chatting with someone and they identify themselves as part of this group, you can be assured the information they give you is accurate.  

 Project Reference Group member Craig Deayton Project Reference Group member Greg Lennox 
 Project Reference Group member John McGregor  Project Reference Group member Luke Jamieson
 Project Reference Group member Matt Charlton